How do I store my fondant figurines?

All fondant figurines can be kept indefinitely, but they should be kept away from moisture, heat and sunlight.  If you prefer putting the handmade keepsakes in display boxes or glass domes, some fading may be expected but they can last for years.  Please inform me if you intend to keep the fondant figurines as keepsakes.

When do I order my cake?

It depends on our schedule and number of orders.  In general, we need 4-6 weeks lead time from order to delivery.  We appreciate you confirm an order with us as early as possible in order to guarantee your space on our schedule.  Deposit is required.  Paypal invoice is usually issued to collect the deposit.

Do we Deliver?

Delivery is possible but not guarantee.  Delivery can be arranged within San Francisco Bay Area.  We charge approximately $1 per mile from San Bruno.  $20 set up fee may be charge for larger cakes and tiered cakes.  Parking fee may be charged when no free parking space is available at the venue.